“Better performance is only a tap away.“

About us

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.Jack Welch

We are at the forefront of a mobile training revolution. The smartphone will transform learning more than any single development since the invention of the printing press. The ability to have vast stores of knowledge at our finger tips, at a moment’s notice is here, and will transform how we use information in the context of our work. The challenge now is how to provide that information in a filtered and tailored way to the person so that they get to what they need to do their job in a more productive manner. This is where our mobile coaching apps come in. Our apps take into consideration the context that the person is using the app, and filters the content based on that context, giving them just the information they need to better execute in the workplace.

Our mobile platform and applications are built to help organizations deploy mobile to support development and drive performance. Better performance is just a tap away!

Our Platform

WorkOnIT Enterprise is an enterprise class mobile platform that allows organizations to easily deliver mobile based services for developing people and tracking their performance. Visit new dedicated pages for more information - also now in Finnish!

Our Apps

We currently offer three business centric apps and one lifestyle app.

WorkOnIT Personal Coach is our life style app currently free for download on iTunes and Google Play app stores. WorkOnIT helps people from all walks of life, to identify, share and get coaching advice, on their goals. Whether you want to get a job, build better relationships, lose weight or eat more healthy, WorkOnIT can help. Learn more here.

Adaptive Sales Coach - If you are looking for a serious sales tool that will streamline your selling activities and give you real insight in how to close more deals, this app is for you. Closing more deals is just a tap away!

Adaptive Leadership Coach - For people who are serious about improving the performance of their team through better understanding of what motives people. Practical coaching in how to manage different personalities, based on your own personality. A must have for an team leader. Better leadership is only a tap away!

Watch this site for more coaching apps, or join our twitter feed for announcements


August 2014 - Our WorkOnIT website nyt suomeksi!

July 2014 - A brand new website for our enterprise platform is launched at with a lot of new information on how WorkOnIT can benefit your organization.

July 2014 - Our Windows Phone app for WorkOnIT is in Beta testing! We expect to launch in late August - stay tuned for updates.

May 2014 - Want to know more about mobile learning? Take a look at our new Fipboard magazine where you can stay up-to-date on all the latest "mLearning" news: Mobile Learning in Business

February 2014 - Adaptive Leadership Coach has been updated for iOS7 with a completely new look and new features for understanding and working with your team better. If you are serious about leading your team better, this app can take you through the process that will yield results.

February 2014 - Adaptive Sales Coach has been updated for iOS7. Several bug fixes and smoother functionality to help you sell more. No other sales app offers the range of features that this one has. From profiling prospects, to getting mapping directions, making audio notes, and setting location based reminders, this app is 10 apps in one!

January 2013 - We are proud to announce WorkOnIT for Android is now available in the Google Play store. All the great tracking and coaching features of the iOS version now available for Android users.

January 2013 - Not only have we released a new version on Android, we also have a new version in iOS that adds two new features: 1) Photo sharing and 2) Actions. Now you can add and share photos with your followers to inspire and update them on your progress. You can also create small steps in your goals (we call them actions) to help you break a bigger goal into smaller parts.



July 2014 - We publish a Flipboard Magazine (avialable in your browser or my subscribing with the Flipboard app) on mobile learning for organizations witll all the latest news and research as it applies to mobile learning. Strictly business related news - no University or K-12 mobile learning stuff. click here!

mobile learning for bsuiness linked in groupJuly 2014 - Join us on LinkIn in our Mobile Learning for Organizations group. Mobile learning for business is a group for exploring, discussing, sharing, and networking for people interested in mobile learning for business.